CPC Leadership

February 28, 2017


On October 19, 2015 Canadians returned a new team of 99 Conservative MPs to Parliament. In a close and hard-fought election, Conservatives faced difficult results across the country while making gains in Quebec.

We can be proud of our Party’s legacy of sound governance. Prime Minister Stephen Harper left Canada with a balanced budget, and with a strong economy supported by low taxes.

In the period of transition following the election, the new Conservative Official Opposition selected the Hon. Rona Ambrose as interim leader. 

Now, in 2017, it is time for our party to elect a new leader, which we will do on 

May 27! 

With fourteen candidates actively putting their names forward right out of the gate, this is the most exciting leadership race in Canadian history.

The next leader of the Conservative Party will be the next Prime Minister of Canada.

Remember - you must buy a membership by March 28 in order to be eligible to vote!